In response to requests, this menu is our translation into English of a menu that we usually provide only to speakers of Chinese. This menu is addition to our standard menu which offers dishes perhaps more familiar to American palate. If you are interested in trying the most authentic Cantonese and Hunan cuisine, we hope that you will order from the menu and enjoy what your taste!
* Hot and Spicy Dishes
Prices Are For Restaurant Dining Use Takeout Menu For Takeout Pricing
  rp_2_baby_rabe_with_whole_garlic_03.jpg (387553 bytes)

Baby Rape with Whole Garlic

rp_2_big_crab_23.jpg (192491 bytes)

Big Crab 

rp_2_pork_shoulder_10.jpg (375694 bytes)

Pork Shoulder 

rp_2_ginger_lobster_50.jpg (161879 bytes)

Ginger Lobster 

rp_2_si_foo_beef_thick_soup_with_cilantro_63.jpg (281605 bytes)

Si Foo Beef Thick Soup with Cilantro

rp_2_snow_pea_leaves_sauteed_with_whole_garlic_75.jpg (207150 bytes)

Snow Pea Leaves Sauteed with Whole Garlic

rp_2_sizzling_beef_steak_12.jpg (285247 bytes)

Sizzling Beef Steak 

rp_2_pork_shoulder_10.jpg (375694 bytes)

Pork Shoulder

rp_2_chinese_pan_fried_dumplings_45.jpg (192714 bytes)

Pan Fried Dumplings

rp_2_clam_with_black_beans_70.jpg (257011 bytes)

Clam with Black Beans

rp_2_spinach_sauteed_with_whole_garlic_73.jpg (138263 bytes)

Spinach Sauteed with Whole Garlic

rp_2_crispy_shrimp_balls_78.jpg (141392 bytes)

Crispy Shrimp Balls (4)

rp_2_fish_and_chicken_bean_curd_54.jpg (188260 bytes)

Seafood Bean Curd

rp_2_honey_and_walnut_shrimp_04.jpg (218980 bytes)

Honey and Walnut Shrimp

rp_2_mushroom_and_chinese_vegetables_with_hand_made_noodles_43.jpg (237479 bytes)

Mushroom and Chinese Veg. with Hand-made Noodles

rp_2_roast_duck_60.jpg (238710 bytes)

Roast Duck

rp_2_salt_baked_squid_71.jpg (175024 bytes)

*Salt Baked Squid 

Hot Appetizers  
Vegetable Spring Roll 1.50
Shrimp Spring Roll 1.50
Chinese Thin Steamed or Pan Fried Dumplings ( 6 ) 5.95
Scallion Pancakes ( 2 ) 4.95
Crispy Shrimp Balls ( 4 ) 6.95
Shu My 5.95
From Our Soup Kettles  
  Lg Med Sm
Seafood Bean Curd Soup 20.95 11.95 8.95
Eight Treasure Winter Melon Soup 16.95   9.95 7.95
Seafood Bean Curd Thick Soup 19.95 12.95 8.95
Si Foo Beef Thick Soup with Cilantro 18.95   9.95 7.95
Crab Meat and Fish Thick Soup 20.95 14.95 9.95
From The Gardens  
Snow Pea Leaves Sautéed with Whole Garlic 12.95
Spinach Sautéed with Whole Garlic 10.95
Chinese Broccoli Sautéed in Oyster Sauce 10.95
Baby Broccoli Sautéed with Whole Garlic 11.95
Mustard Greens and Black Mushrooms 12.95
Baby Rabe with Whole Garlic 11.95
Roast Duck 
Tender slices of duck served with a special sauce.
Whole 25.95 Half 13.95
Eight Treasure Duckling 
Tender slices of boneless duckling served with seafood. beef and chicken in a Cantonese sauce.
Pickled Duck 
Shredded duck with Chinese sweet and sour pickles.
Crispy Chicken 
Sliced pieces of chicken that are crispy on the outside but tender on the inside. Served with salt and pepper powder.
Whole 21.95 Half 11.95
*Salt-baked Pork
Pork steak baked with salt and pepper.
Chan Do Spare Ribs 
Pork steak served with sweet and sour brown sauce.
*Twice Cooked Pork 
Pieces of pork that has not been trimmed. It is cooked twice to perfection with Chinese spices
Pork Shoulder 
Pork shoulder stewed for 7 hours with a special sauce.
Black Pepper T Bone Beef Steak 
Pieces of beef steak cooked with onions in black pepper sauce.
*Water Beef / Chicken / Fish 
A traditional dish famed for its characteristically heavy, hot and spicy yet tender and delicious flavor.
Sizzling Beef Steak 
Sliced beef with whole Chinese broccoli.
*Sliced Beef Tendon 
Many wonderful sliced pieces of delicious beef tendon served cold and spicy.
Superb Lobster 
Chunks of lobster simmered in a scallop sauce.
Ginger Lobster 
Chunks of lobster sauteed with ginger and scallions.
Fresh fillet of flounder sauteed with Chinese vegetables.
Steamed Whole Flounder 
Freshly caught flounder steamed to perfection with shredded ginger and scallions. It is garnished with cilantro.
Steamed Fish 
Fresh fillet of Chili Sea Bass steamed with ginger and scallions.
Slices of abalone with black mushrooms in Cantonese sauce.
Chive Conch 
Sliced crispy conch with Chinese yellow chives.
Sea Cucumber 
Tender sea cucumber sautéed with mustard greens and black mushrooms.
Honey and Walnut Shrimp
Prawns marinated in mayonnaise and garnished with honey walnuts and fresh tomatoes.
Fried Bean Curd with Shrimp 15.95
Octopus with XO sauce 16.95
Pan-fried Founder
Pan-fried whole flounder cooked with scallions and a fish sauce.
Pickled Squid 
Fresh pieces of squid sauteed in Chinese pickles.
*Salt Baked Squid 
Fresh tender squid served with salt and pepper.
Crab Meat Bean Curd 
Tender chunks of bean curd stuffed with crab meat.
*Bean Sauce Fish 
Fresh sea bass cooked in hot sauce.
*Spicy Conch 
Steamed sliced conch mixed in a spicy hot pepper sauce. Served cold.
Big Crab 
Fresh whole crab with ginger and scallions.
Crab Meat Vegetables 
Snow pea leaves cooked with a crab meat sauce.
Clam with Black Beans 
Fresh clam sauteed in black bean sauce.
Casserole Specials  
Fish and Chicken and Eggplant 12.95
Sinew of Ox Stewed with Bamboo Bean Curd 12.95
Clam in Clay Pot 12.95
Fish and Chicken Bean Curd 12.95
Seafood Bean Curd 12.95
Chicken 12.95
Noodles & Rice  
Seafood Chow Mein (Noodles) 14.95
Chicken Chow Mein (Noodles) 10.95
Mushroom and Chinese Vegetable Chow Mein (Noodles) 13.95
Beef Chow Mein (Noodles) 11.95
Black Bean Chow Mein (Noodles)   9.95
Ginger and Scallion with Hand-made Noodles   9.95
Scallops and Sliced Conch with Hand-made Noodles 15.95
Lobster with Hand-made Noodles 26.95
Mushroom and Chinese Veg. with Hand-made Noodles 13.95
Crab Meat with Hand-made Noodles 15.95
*Beef and Black Bean Chow Fun ( Wide Noodles ) 11.95
Sautéed Beef with Gravy Chow Fun (Wide Noodles) 11.95
Sautéed Beef Chow Fun (Wide Noodles) 11.95
Seafood Chow Fun (Wide Noodles) 14.95
Fish and Chicken Fried Rice 11.95